Preserving Traditional Yang Style Old Frame (楊氏老架)

under Grand master Xiong Yanghe(熊養和



You are cordially invited to the Tai Chi demonstration to celebrate the 42 years of teaching traditional, Old Frame Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan hosted by Tai-Chun Pan from Harmony Tai Chi Center. 

Tai Chi Demonstration and Celebration 

Sunday, 9/18/2022, 2:00 pm 

Hyde Community Center 

90 Lincoln St. Newton, MA 


In this event, master instructor Tai-Chun Pan of Harmony Tai Chi Center and his students will perform traditional Yang style, Old Frame, Tai Chi. 

The demonstration will consist of Tai Chi “basic form” and “basic sword” as well as the rarely-taught Tai Chi “Sanshou (basic & matching)”, “matching sword”, “Saber (basic & matching)”. In addition, Mr. Pan will present certificates to his teaching assistants and long-time students. Free admission. All are welcome. ( 

和諧太極中心,潘台春太極拳傳藝42年表演慶祝會,將於2022年9月18日(星期日)下午2:00 在牛頓市海德社區中心舉行。 (Hyde Community Center, 90 Lincoln St. Newton, MA) 

潘老師及其學生將表演傳統楊氏(老架子)太極拳,包括太極基本拳架及太極劍,另外比較少見的太極散手單練、散手對練,太極對劍,太極刀單練、太極刀對練也將示範演出。助教及資深學員也將獲頒證書。活動免費,誠摯邀請同好光臨。 (