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Meet Tai-Chun Pan of Harmony Tai Chi Center - April 10, 2018

Boston Voyager Magazine "Boston's Most Inspiring Stories, April 10, 2018"

Gathering of Tai Chi Class – July. 25 2010 Concord, MA

Chinese Language School Tai Chi Class 30-year reunion session, Concord, MA, - World Journal, July 2010

The Many Elements of Tai Chi – Feb. 28 2009 Acton, MA:

Tai-Chun Pan was invited as a quest speaker in part of Meditative Quqin Gathering hosted by Shin-Yi Yang.

The Tai Chi lecture – “The Many Elements of Tai Chi” consist of Tai Chi Chuan history, principles, styles, complete Yang style and demonstrations.

Tai Chi Chuan interview - March 2, 2008 : (WHDH TV - Channel 7) (Video)

Tai-Chun Pan was interviewed by Mary Sit of AsianFocus (Channel 7, WHDH TV) March, 2008

Tai Chi Seminar – June 30, 2007 Lexington, MA:

Tai-Chun Pan was invited to Massachusetts Buddhist Association in Lexington, Mass for a Tai Chiu Chuan seminar on June 30, 2007

Article in Asian Boston - January, 2007

An article, a Thirst for Tradition, in Asian Boston Magazine about Tai-Chun Pan, January 2007

Photos in Boston Globe - July 7, 1996

“There has been a tremendous shift from aerobics and impact-type exercise to yoga, meditation, spirituality and self-exploration” 
Photos in The Boston Sunday Globe, July 7, 1996

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Magazine Issue No. 23, June 23, 1994

Working at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)  as a software engineer and taught Tai Chi Chuan to colleages.

"Tai Chi emphasizes a relaxed body posture and concentration on mind/body coordination"
Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) Magazine Issue No. 23, June 23, 1994

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